Online Live Trivia Events 
Live Online Event Solution

The Brief:

While everyone is doing their part and staying at home amidst the pandemic at hand and all dining and entertainment venues are temporarily closed - we needed to come up with an interesting concept that would give adults something fun to do on a Saturday night. 

Once we tested its functionality, one of our clients were super eager to jump on board and run a 4 week, Saturday night live online Trivia event. 

The Result:


Each Saturday for 4 consecutive weeks at 8:30-9:00pm, these online live Trivia events took place, with a different theme for each week. 20 questions were created and ran past the client for approval, then set up with reminder emails and a post event email automation.

Over the 4 weeks, we had a total of 1,071 people play and 117 social shares, which is far more than you could cram into your average pub or club Trivia nights! The local community were very happy with the free live events, with a winner and runner up each week receiving prizes for the fastest and most correct answers selecting the winners.

A great result for all parties involved – especially the participants, breaking up the monotony of being stuck at home trying to think of what to do to entertain themselves.

That’s where we came in!

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