Greensborough Plaza

National Tree Day Workshops

The Brief:

Greensborough Plaza wanted an engaging and enriching activation that showcased their commitment to the planet for National Tree Day.


They were looking for an activation where shoppers of all ages would be empowered and educated on how to care for the environment. While they understood that National Tree Day was an important trigger, they wanted this activation to be a lasting impression and to encourage this behaviour all year round, not just on National Tree Day. 



That’s where we came in. 

The Result:


Over 200 shoppers educated and 1200 new trees growing in the green!  


The engagement began with colouring-in workshops on the Friday before National Tree Day, where shoppers were invited to colour in their own custom Greensborough Plaza plantable colouring-in sheets.


When finished, they were wowed when given instructions on how, if planted, their artwork would bloom into the beautiful Swan River Daisy! This simple pre-activation, generated hype and interest for other shoppers to sign up to the native seedling workshops on Tree Day itself.


Tree day kicked off with ACTIV Crew educating and assisting with 10 seedling workshops across the course of the day. Shoppers of all ages were educated on the importance of the environment and the special properties that native Australian flora and fauna have. 


Each participant left with 6 seedlings planted and signed up to receive our tailored emails after the event. Designed to 'keep the conversation going' and educate attendees on caring for the seedling at each stage of growth. 

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