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3 things we can all learn from Supercars Eseries

The Supercars Eseries is digital innovation done right.

Did you watch Round 3 last night?

As you may have heard, sports seasons around Australia have been postponed indefinitely due to the corona virus pandemic. Sports fans are missing their favourite weekend pass time and sponsors and teams are taking a hit on their 2020 investments.

Supercars have absolutely smashed their innovation when they swiftly rolled out the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries. Not only has their quick thinking and excellent execution satisfied existing fans, they've filled a gap in the sporting industry, attracted new viewers and continued to give their sponsors value and exposure! Win - Win - Win!

Here's what we can all learn from the success of Supercars Eseries:

1. It's available to everyone, everywhere

With algorithms constantly changing and people being bombarded with even more online content, it's critical to do whatever it takes to have your content seen, you can read more about that here. Supercars broadcasts on Fox Sports, Kayo, Supercars.com, Supercars Facebook Page and Supercars Teams' Facebook Pages. If you have an internet connection, you can participate. This means that fans and potential viewers will be more likely to catch the action and stay in the loop as each round progresses. Round 2 featured a wildcard entry from Formula One superstar, Max Verstappen which resulted in plenty more 'international eyeballs' during the coverage. Over 450,000 people alone tuned into live stream's with reigning Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin recording 80,000 viewers on his personal twitch stream!

Shane van Gisbergen takes on Formula One superstar, Max Verstappen in round 2 of the BP Supercars Allstars E-series in their respective Red Bull racers. (Image Credit - supercars.com)

Race 10 at the legendary Mt Panorama circuit in Bathurst saw plenty of action!

2. Digital fan engagement is a major priority

Digital engagement can no longer be ignored. It's crucial now while we all isolate for COVID-19, and it will be integrated as an important part of business forever. Supercars has this covered with comprehensive coverage across their socials, clear updates on race count downs, schedules and winners, behind the scenes content with the drivers and their teams, entertaining competitions, plus comment sections and forums full of passionate fans sharing their thoughts. These efforts not only provide huge amounts of entertainment for their fans, they also result in organic growth for their brand and their sponsors.

3. Quick turn around of technological innovation

We've all felt the push to act quick and transition some if not all of our business delivery online. But, if it's not implemented quick enough, you can miss out on a huge opportunity to fill a need in the marketplace. Supercars managed to set up a safe, technologically advanced solution to a problem that has stumped other sports. Supercars drivers contest the races from their respective homes (complete with in-house camera set-ups) through the iRacing software, with a champion to be awarded at the end of the series. How impressive is that?

Image by Supercars

In our opinion other sports should sit up and take notice of what has been done by the entire Supercars team to keep their fans engaged (not switched off) from their sport.

If you're a sponsor involved with a Supercars team or the Championship itself, we'd love to connect to share some leveraging tips to maximise your sponsorship during this E-series championship. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, why not book a virtual coffee here

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