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3 Ways to KEEP your customers and ATTRACT new ones online

Updated: Apr 14

During the wide spread crisis of COVID-19, you're realising the need to nurture your customer base. You fear your competitors may be obtaining YOUR audience before you have the chance to update your online presence. You realise you have to act quick!

It is now more critical than ever for businesses like yours to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to social media. Doing so ensures you have the right tools at your disposal, an up-to-date strategy, and the skills to get the most from social media.

Digital is the way to success as there are 3.48 billion social media users in 2020 with the worldwide total growing by 288 million since this time last year.

You get it, online is the way forward. I hear you asking "how can I maintain my customers without actually talking to them face to face?" and, "how can I get new customers without foot traffic?"

Here are some quick and easy ways to nurture your list and social media following:

  • Use Your List

Social media audiences and your database is your ace card right now. Communicate with your past and existing customers via email and SMS to keep them informed with updates, offers and promotions. But most importantly create and nurture your consumer and business relationships through this difficult time.

Don't have a list? Contact us for advice.

  • Ramp up your Social Media

Online content is the path to success during these times of social distancing. Keep your post regular, relevant and engaging. Peak posting periods are;

  • 3pm MON – WED,

  • 1-4pm THURS & FRI, and,

  • 12-1pm SAT & SUN

In order to optimise your time and efforts, reformatting the same social media post ideas across different social media platforms is quite effective.

  • Behind The Scenes

Customers/consumers buy from businesses they like and trust. Maintain a personal touch by letting your customers peak behind the curtain and see what goes into delivering your product/service.

No one knows how long the impacts of the corona virus will continue. Many businesses are coming to a screeching holt and are searching for solutions during this pandemic. ACTIV Brand Management can equip you and your business with interactive and engaging social media content and strategies to make sure you stay on top of your game

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