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4 QUICKEST ways to convert to online business

Updated: Apr 15

Want to make a painless conversion from operating as a face-to-face business to online trading?

All of a sudden, speaking with your customers face to face is out of the question, and organic foot traffic is drying up more and more each day. Any day now, you will legally have to close your doors.

People are telling you that you need to convert your business to online, but where do you start?

You’ve never needed to focus on your online presence before, and now you need it more than ever just to keep your business alive during this universally tough time. You probably feel like you’re behind and need to catch up before you lose your business all together.

Here are the 4 most efficient and cost-effective ways you can supercharge your website, social media and SEO to drive customers to your business in a new way:

1. Highly targeted Facebook and Instagram ads

Create social media ads that target location, age, interests and key word searches. Did you know you can use Facebook segmentation tools like 'Lookalike Audiences' to find users whose interests and behaviours are similar to those of your exisiting followers.

Tip - Trial different images and videos with A/B split testing to see which ones result in most clicks and conversions.

2. Update your website

Now that everyone has to stay home, how do you think they will search for your product or service? People have a very short attention span and patience level when it comes to navigating websites. Is yours contemporary and easy to use? With a business like yours, you need to be able to edit your website with new products and blogs. Google loves a resourceful website, so write regular blogs that feature key words and common questions that your customers would be searching for and you'll show up on top.

3. Give your customers a reason to follow your brand

Research suggests that these days, customers need an average of 21 ‘touch points’ before they will like or buy from a brand. This means you should upload useful and interesting posts that will add value to their lives. Ask yourself, “what do my customers want to know about today?”

4. Offer your products and services online with a seamless plug in

It’s easier than you think to add an online store to your website or an online booking system through which a Zoom or Skype meeting can be booked. These integrate into the website and calendar system you already use and can be set up in minutes. Not sure where to start? Click on the link below…

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