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7 innovative tactics to reach and engage with new and existing customers

Updated: Apr 21

The ability to reach and engage with new and existing customers when we can no longer rely on face to face interaction, is quite a strategical challenge at present. Especially for those that have solely depended on face to face interaction to bring in new business, let alone operate business as usual.

If you haven’t already began to adapt to these rapid shifts in consumerism, you may find that your competitors are already “right across it.” This makes the process of implementing drastic operational and marketing changes look colossal, especially if you are a smaller business without the resources to do so. In this situation at hand, if you aren’t first you’re last! No business wants to be left behind and lost in a sea of competitors, to lead you back to front and centre of your industry, you will need some guidance. Having a clear path laid out for your brand or business to explore which coincides “out of the box thinking,” is the key to unlocking your next cutting-edge strategies. What types of strategies could be most beneficial for your business to become more innovative?


Offering live content on your social media platforms, broadcasting to your audience and hosting forums


Utilising virtual chatrooms for online meetings, webinars and conferences is one side – but why not shout your loyal clients to a virtual coffee, dinner or drinks? The possibilities are endless!


Wake your apps with beacon and geofencing technology. Talk to your members, customers and fans with exciting offers and keep them up to date with the very latest info.


Bring more than just entertainment to your customers and fans with interactive, rewarding games for them to play. Not only will this build more brand warmth, it will achieve more organic reaches when shared digitally with their friends.


Simple and cost effective AR technology might see consumers really connect to your brand by superimposing themselves in face paint, branded filters, photo boarders and more. Add that extra edge by running a social sharing hashtag competition to leverage further.

6. COMPETITIONS As briefly touched on in the previous tip, competitions will excite, engage and awake your fans – plus encourage organic reaches from social sharing. Be it in the form of a microsite, sms campaign, hashtag comp and so on – the best approach that fits your brand and will gain the most traction from your target market, will be the clear winner here!


There are so many different solutions to look into for unstaffed, interactive activations that are user friendly, secure and FUN!! Give your fans a free sample, product demonstration experiential activation, without the social distancing worries.

  • Replace traditional flyering with beacon technology in public spaces to send notifications to nominated / affiliated apps

  • No way to sample your products? Virtual vending machines are the answer to your prayers, as they are programmed to vend your sample with a fun and educational experience for everyone - check out this great example from Gatorade

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