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Creating Your Shopper Profile / Avatar

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Creating a successful shopper community engagement strategy starts with putting your #Fansfirst and doing a deep dive into truly understanding your target market, your future customer advocates!

And no we don't just mean categorising them by simple demographics like gender, age and disposable income. We mean, actually taking the time to build a thorough profile so that if anyone read it, they would instantly recognise who your target market is. Hell, they probably even know someone who fits the description perfectly!

Here are just some of questions we ask ourselves and our clients when creating their Profiles (or Avatars).

  1. The usual demographic questions - gender, age group or better yet a specific average age, marital status, kids, geographic location, disposable income.

  2. What do they do for work? Are they office workers or Tradies? Do they spends a lot of time on the road or job site?

  3. Are they families? What types of schools are close by? What activities do they enjoy doing together?

  4. How do they spend their downtime/weekends? Do they enjoy watching sport? If so which one/s? Do they normally watch on TV? Attend game days, or perhaps stream online?

  5. Do they have a big group of friends and spend most of their time hanging out with them?

  6. How do they consumer their media? What's their favourite social channels? Do they even like social media? Can you list some other brands they consume on a regular basis? What's their favourite drink, food, restaurant? Which stores do they do they shop in for clothes?

  7. What's important to them in life? Are they happy with their current life or are they working towards something bigger like a new house, trip to Disney Land? What are their goals, ambitions?

  8. What does their typical day look like? Does it start with dropping the kids to school, then heading into the office where they might try and squeeze a quick gym session into their lunch time etc etc.

Once you're done answering these questions in as much detail as possible, try summarising your findings into a couple of paragraphs (max) to describe your ideal Shopper Profile.

Better yet see if you can find a picture online that reflect him/her too! Check out sites like shutterstock.com for stock images that might work.


Your Shopper Profile / Avatar is also a great piece of information to share with your retailers whether they're leasing currently or considering to lease. They should be able to share similar information on their own customer base, which allows your to really target the right customers for your upcoming events and activities!

Happy profiling!

Til next time Bec Burns Director - ACTIV Brand Management Pty Ltd

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