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Dress For Success! Maximise ROI On Your Stand At Events.

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING! Studies show that your first impression has a high correlation with the actual long-term status of your relationship. Our first opinion of someone forms in only one tenth of a second. So make your exhibit STAND OUT!

Your first trade show or expo is an important rite of passage for small businesses. A good event can lead to valuable orders, partnerships and exposure, but that can't happen if your booth doesn't get noticed. With the convention centre crawling with flashy, gimmicky competitors, it's easy for the new kid on the block to overlooked.

To ensure you're gaining maximum ROI from your time and money spent on booth space and making an appearance, it's best to think strategically about how you're going ensure your business is the one being talked about. Here are a few key points to consider before you even book your site and start ordering your brand collaterals: #Location Securing the most strategic space you can afford is one of the best trade show booth ideas you can have. Try and book early and really study the floor layout map and consider the traffic flow, how many angles you can be viewed from and what ammenities are close by.


Utilising wall banners, shelving and screens will give you a more professional, polished look and makes it easier for people to find your booth. I've been at events before where other exhibitors have said 'Look for the big (insert-brand-name-here) stand and we're immediately to the left of it' in order to direct people to their booth. You don't want to have to reference the booth next to you.


First of all, don't clutter it up. Many people put tables or displays in the front of their booths — it doesn't invite people in. Open the space so attendees feel welcome. Create a floor plan that encourages browsing and conversation. Keep your lead generating activities along the back wall and to the centre. What your site fill with prospects in no time!


Choose the right signage for your trade show booth design based on your budget and space limitations. Printed signage is easy to hang from piping or display on banner stands or tabletops. Digital signage can be more attention getting, whether it's a neon or LED sign, or a TV displaying a slide show.

Your promotions / competitions / activations should be eye-catching and unique. Give attendees that aren’t shopping for your product a reason to walk in and be immersed in your brand. We all have those moments when go for a quick trip to the supermarket for bread and milk and walk out with two full bags of shopping…


If you're selling product, visual merchandising is just as important at the show as it is in the store. Better display also holds true for your promotional items. Plunking giveaways in a fishbowl sends a message that you don't value the items (or the people who take them), so experiment with presenting them in a more appealing way. Having your staff hand them out as gifts for participating in your activities displays value, not everyone can just take one.

Social proof generates trust. Seeing other people engaged with a brand makes them want to see what the buzz is all about.

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