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5 Innovative ways businesses are using beacon technology

Imagine this...

You walk into a store to browse the shelves, and suddenly your phone dings. The exact red heels you've been perusing online are now on sale, 50% off, just for you.

Later you visit different store, and you need help finding that suitcase you saw online. Instead of walking around in search of a staff member, you log into your app and ask it to send you someone.

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Why should your business use beacons?

Beacon technology has come a long way since Apple debuted it in 2013. According to Global Market Insights, the beacon technology market is set to surpass $25 billion by 2024. It's clear that this rising technology has huge potential and we can expect it to influence marketing in the years to come.

Staying ahead of the curve gives your brand the edge. In 2020 this is especially relevant, as savvy businesses learn to adapt with digital innovation.

There are many benefits to using beacons, here are just a few:

  • Give visitors a contextually relevant experience

  • Deliver useful notifications

  • Reduce 'spam' marketing

  • Target interested and qualified demographics

  • Attract and increase foot traffic

  • Offer incentives, opportunities and sales

What are beacons?

Beacons are small, inexpensive, location-specific devices that can be programmed to deliver marketing to other devices about contextually relevant opportunities.

How do beacons work?

Beacons send low energy bluetooth signals to nearby devices, communicate with the users' apps and send them notifications. Based on this communication, they can determine what each device user has searched for, is interested in and what products are nearby, to offer a seamless online to in-store experience through relevant push notifications.

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How are businesses using beacon technology?

1. Attract customers in-store

Passing customers can be alerted to offers and events happening in-store that are specifically relevant and appealing to them. This way, you're much more likely to bring in passing foot traffic.

2. Track in-store movement

Since beacons have the benefit of working within a small radius, multiple can be set up around a store, event or business to track the flow of movement. This captures useful data for your business and can influence your layout decisions in the future.

3. Alert in-store customers of customised discounts

Each beacon can send unique and personalised messages based on what they've previously searched for online or are currently perusing. This offers a highly-tuned experience for customers based on their exact location and behaviour.

4. Send sports fans and crowd members special offers

If you're a sports team or sponsor with merchandise and tickets to sell, beacons are a must. Alert fans of discounts and deals to convert those who would have otherwise walked by, unaware of the opportunity.

5. Use beacons as a loyalty program and convert in-store sales

A survey from Retail Dive found that around 60% of shoppers under the age of 35 use their smartphones in-store to research products, compare prices and download coupons. Use beacons to send discounts and offers on those specific items to avoid missing opportunities.

Do I need an app for beacons to work?

Yes. Beacons require an app to work through.

What if I don't have an app?

No worries, book a chat with our team to discuss how we can create one in just a few weeks.

Are beacons expensive?

No. Beacons can cost between $5 and $30 and price depends on signal range, batteries used and battery life.

Can beacons track customers?

Yes! Beacon technology is an effective way to track a customers' in-store movement, so you're able to deliver targeted information and discounts depending on which products they are browsing.

How can I set up a beacon for my business?

You wont need to worry about any of the details, our tech team will arrange it all to perfectly suit the needs of your brand. Contact us for more information!

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