• Miranda Virgona

What YOU can do to keep your customers entertained at home

Have you been watching more TV than usual lately? Maybe you’re binge watching Netflix series or spending a lot of time on YouTube. It seems like everyone is stuck at home and desperate entertain themselves and their families. The need for human connection can no longer be met not by in-person social interaction, and people are turning to their screens for engagement.

Your business is most likely feeling the effects of low foot traffic. Customer engagement is our number one priority, and it should be yours, too. The question is, how can you maintain the loyalty of your customers if you can’t talk to them in person?

Like you, your customers are spending their time and money online. Consumer spending on online retail and subscription services are up approximately 60% (9news), which means people are turning online for entertainment, shopping and connection.

Savvy brands are quickly building online platforms in which their customers can log in, access entertaining content and engage with their brands products and services.

How can you capitalise on this trend?

Create engaging content

Visual content is a great way to keep your customers busy, and they will love you for it. Think how-to videos, downloadable guides and kids activities for content inspiration. Ask yourself, “how can my customers and their families can use my products and services at home?”

Show behind the scenes

Your customers would find it entertaining and insightful to know what goes into your business before they receive the finished product. Introduce them to your team, share content throughout the process and communicate with them naturally. This will personalise your brand, build trust and keep you top-of-mind.

Build an online portal

Go one step further and put it all in one convenient place. Have you heard of an engagement hub? It’s a place where your customers can log in, engage with your brand, access your products and services, and be entertained by useful and informative content. As business is quiet for most, now is the perfect time to build alternative forms of customer engagement.

You may be thinking that sounds great, but how is that possible for my brand?

We have worked hard with our tech development team to streamline this process for brands like yours. We can take care of the website creation, video content, in-portal advertising and customer data collection.

If you’d like to know more about what we’ve done for other brands, click here.

Contact us to know more by emailing us at enquiries@activbrandmanagement.com.au, or book a virtual coffee with our team to discuss what’s right for you.

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