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Why NURTURING your customers is more critical right now than ever before

Social isolation

Cancelled events


Digital overload...

These are all unprecedented factors business owners like you are facing more and more as as the corona virus tears through our healthcare and economic system. You're stressed, tired and overwhelmed by the uncertainty of it all.

It's important to remember that your customers are feeling the exact same way.

As the world is driven further into social isolation, it's more important than ever to maintain a relationship with your customers. You may be wondering, "how can I stay connected with your customers online?"and just as important, "how can I attract new customers online?"

Fun, interactive and engaging content is the key, but you need to be strategic.

Spam them with copy, Facebook ads and EDMs – you will blend in with the mass of marketing they already receive.

Entertain, enlighten and excite them – you will enrich your customer base and attract new ones.

18 million Australians have active social media accounts – ACTIV can assist you engaging with this broad spectrum of possible consumers through the following solutions:

1. Capture More Data

How can you find out more about your customers?

Market research driven engagement uncovers details about your customers - their needs, preferences, and behaviour. Having clear statistics can help you shape your online content and your products/services to serve your customers better. You can access these statistics in many ways, including your social media platforms, website and EDM platform. Do you have these data collection strategies in place? This information gives your business the edge.

2. Social Media Competitions

How can you attract more attention to your brand?

When done correctly, social media competitions offer a huge boost in engagement via likes, comments, shares and follows/subscriptions. You know that your online presence is important, and this is another great way to grow it. Get creative designing a fun giveaway, and encourage followers to like, comment, share and follow to go in the draw.

- Video Content

How can you personalise the connection to your audience?

Video content results in more likes, comments, shares and follows, which ultimately results in more sales. The personal connection that your audience feel through video is unique and invaluable during this period of isolation. Posting regular video content gives you the opportunity to maintain your loyal customers and spark new relationships.

Still feeling unsure? ACTIV Brand Management can help you install these pillars into your business. Book a virtual coffee to chat to one of our team members about how we can help.

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