Welcome to Melbourne!

The Brief:

Scooti the new, unique and super fun rideshare to hit the streets! 

Kicking off their launch here in Victoria with big plans to expand, we all know how important first impressions are! 

It was critical to the brand that their name and message was screamed from the rooftops! Melbournians needed to know that Scooti is the fastest new mode of transport to shoot through the city and 100% safe. 

That’s where we came in. 

The Result:


Targeting those in need most - those affected by the train line upgrades, those struggling to get home after a big AFL match and anyone looking for a different way to see the city while in town for the F1! 

We rolled out an ACTIV crew to hand deliver the message. Don't suffer train

pain, don't get stuck in traffic and definitely do not fear the ride. Our team was there to direct the download, introduce the driver and put a smile on thousands of new riders! 

We delivered the message, so Scooti

could deliver the people. 

Get in touch and become an ACTIV brand.
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